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The National Farmers Union has described the government’s plan as «a farce» and an example of the «tamper and insult» being put out by the Abbott government.

«A government which has repeatedly made false promises about spending and economic growth – and has threatened a global trade war – is attempting to roll out a scheme in which the national farm industry faces severe cuts in its capacity to pay for the cost of providing the services of farmers while raising the cost of producing crops,» it said in a statement.

«That’s a farce that is being forced on Australia’s farmers and farmers themselves, and we’ll be calling on the government to put in place a national food security framework that will ensure our industry is no longer the only one that pays, as is being proposed today.»

As well as cutting the price of food by up to 28pc for those buying food from a food producer that’s not under the Direct National Assistance scheme, the government plans to also scrap the national discount on groceries.

The move could hit farmers, the union said, as supermarkets compete directly with supermarkets to deliver the most affordable supermarket price for a product – something that will likely be more expensive for consumers.

It added that the decision to change the discount would have a knock-on effect on the national discount on fresh vegetables, due to be reduced from 8.5 to 6.5 per cent from March 2017.

«There’s a lot of concerns in terms of who would benefit from this change,» the union’s chief executive Rob Anderson said.

«The National Farmers Union urges the government to withdraw the plan세부카지노s to reduce the national discount to 7.5 per cent and also to scrap the national discount on fresh vegetables, as the government will be losing $1.4 billion in potential food savings.

«This could impact a quarter of a million Australian families who use the food bank every week, millions more who depend on the supermarke카지노 썰t discounts to buy more than f클럽 a 카지노our litres of milk per week, thousands of children who do not have access to school lunches due to under-served food, and potentially the very families with the most at risk of losing their breadwinner status if the national discount isn’t abolished.»

Anderson said he was concerned the scheme would cost as much as $50m, with more serious concerns being over the potential to impact on the sector itself.

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